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Looking for a soloist to complete your orchestra, windband or ensemble?

Beside teaching, performing for a specific project with a bigger audience has always been something exciting.

The experience of music filled with its
passion & thrill is second to none.

The use of a trombone solo is not very common, but fortunately the existing repertoire we have is very broad and therefore much more

surprising & extraordinary. 

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With its well known shape, the trombone is pretty much recognisable from the entire brass family.

The trombone uses a slide in comparison to other brass instruments. Maybe you might have heard the so called musical term "Glissando"- effect. 

Well with its slide the trombonist is able to change pitches from one starting note until an end note. When sliding out, the tube gets longer and so does the sound, it goes darker.

Furthermore the trombone is quite an insteresting instrument to play, because of its diversity in music. Historically speaking, the trombone is a quite old instrument and can be used in almost every musical genre, such as Pop, Rock, Classic , Jazz, or even Renaissance and Baroque. 

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