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At the age of 4, he started playing the Euphonium thanks to his family. That was the very first time Marc became familiar with a mouthpiece. "I remember my grandfather forbid me to play aggressively, he taught me instead to play with a gentle breeze and a warm tone." With that advice he learned very quickly all the positions by himself and started playing invented melodies with variations. Additionally he became quickly familiar with orchestras, given the fact that his mother practiced her excerpts for her master degree in double bass every day. At the age of 10, he also started taking lessons in double bass in the Conservatory in Esch-Sur-Alzette. His second instrument.

After a time he fell in love with the warm but also crystal clear sound of the Trombone and discovered a passion for it. Marc started taking lessons at the Conservatory in Esch-Sur-Alzette at the age of 7 years. Beside regular lessons he took part in several masterclasses with Michel Becquet and Joseph Alessi. He also had the chance to participate at the International Music Camp in North America as a Laureat. (UGDA Concours des jeunes solistes)

While his studies in the Conservatory of Luxembourg meanwhile he was also in the Conservatoire Regional in Paris with Professor Jean Raffard. This took place during his final high school years. After graduating from the Conservatory of Luxembourg in Trombone with Professor Vincent Debès, he is recently pursuing his studies at the Conservatory in Amsterdam with Professor Jörgen Van Rijen, Pierre Volders and Remko De Jaeger.

At a very young age he won in Luxembourg 4 gold medals at the European Competition for Young Soloists, including 4 Prix SACEM.

He had some opportunities to participate in different projects with different Orchestras such as the Young Orchestra CMGR or the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra. Constantly surrounded by professional musicians is one of the highest honor and privilege a musician can get.

Recently he is teaching trombone in several regions of Luxembourg and he is the chief conductor of the regional Windband in Perlé in Luxembourg.

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